Our Story

Kendra, Susan, & Daniel 

We founded Be Their Hope in 2010 after I, Kendra, took my first trip to Trojes, Honduras with my two friends, Susan and Daniel. They visit Honduras quite often because Daniel is originally from there. 
This particular trip was very special because Daniel and Susan were going in hopes of bringing Daniel’s nine year old daughter, Daniela, back with us to live in the States. With no guarantee of success, and the Honduran governme

nt against us, we saw God move on our behalf and were able to bring Daniela back with us. Only able to speak

 Spanish at the time, Daniela can now speak English fluently and is attending an elite school for accelerated children! You can read her story here

While this is such a great success story, ​my heart is still in Honduras with the children who do not have the great educational opportunity Daniela does. Most cannot afford to go to school because of the cost of tuition and the supplies needed. Furthermore, their parents need them to work to provide income for the family, so going to school and getting an education is usually not an option.

The main reason I believe Daniela is successful is because yes, she works hard, but primarily because she was given a great opportunity. I believe if Daniela’s friends in Honduras had the same opportunity, they could make a better life for themselves and their family. I don’t think bringing all the Honduran children to the States is the answer because honestly, they live in a great place. What I am proposing is that we (those who are more fortunate) should help give these kids an opportunity for success.


Meet Daniela 

This last year we had the honor to build Daniela’s mom a home.

We are still looking for donations to help finish paying off the costs.

If you are interested in helping with this project you can get involved and help.

Kendra & Daniela in a sponsored school in Trojes


Daniela in 2015














Read her story