Meet Daniela

My name is Daniela, this is my story. 

Up to the age of 9 years old, I had lived in Trojes, Honduras. I had never left my town and I had never even dreamed of something different. On my 8th birthday I asked my dad if I could go live with him in the United States, not knowing in that moment that God would make it a reality.  It was a year later, in 2010, when my life would change forever. Little did I know this was the year I would move the United States to live with my dad and his wife, learn English, and explore a whole new world.  I left behind everything I knew and took a step of faith into something new.

I still remember the pounding in my chest as I gripped the arm rests on the plane as it took off. Excitement for something new to come, and the fear of never flying before all mixed into one moment.

But I am getting ahead of myself, moving to the United States and learning English came with a price. The cost of leaving behind the woman who raised me from birth. My mother, Nuvia. She was my rock, and my comfort from the bad dreams at night. She was the only comfort I knew up until the age of 9. In a way, I knew I was leaving a piece of my heart behind when I left her and my 3 sisters. They are my family, and my life. But something deep down inside told me that there was something more out there, and that one day it would all make sense to leave.
Now that I am 14 years old, and I have lived here in the United States for the past 5 years, I think I am beginning to see more of the purpose of that bitter-sweet transition to a new life.


You see, if I were to have stayed in my small town in Honduras, my dreams would have been limited because resources and opportunities there are very limited. Realistically I probably wouldn’t of been as educated as I am today. Most people from Trojes are lucky if they complete sixth grade. This year I will complete 8th grade as a 4.0 student from a magnet school.  I know I have a bright future. There have been more opportunities for me here than I could of ever imagined in my 9 year old mind. Because my mother chose to give up something so precious, as me, so that I could have a better opportunity; I want to give her a better opportunity, and I need your help.

In 2010, as I prepared to travel to the United States, I met a woman who I had no idea would still be such an instrumental part of my life today, her name is Kendra. She has a dream and a desire to help the people in Trojes, Honduras. It was on that trip where we met that God spoke to her heart about the people who live there. Those people are myself, my mother, and my sisters.

I have partnered with her, Be Their Hope, and my parents to see this dream of building my mother a home a reality.
It took a lot of work and lots of money, but one thing I’ve learned these past seven years is that when people come together with one heart for a good cause ANYTHING is possible.

Last year the Be Their Hope team and I were able to collaborate together to see this dream of mine come true.
Thank you all for your support over these seven years, I now have a better life than I ever thought possible. I love my family and the friends God has blessed me with. You are all truly amazing people with great hearts.

-Daniela ​