Honduras Director of Operations

Meet Devir

Devir (Daniel’s brother) born and raised in Honduras knows first hand what it means to live there. He has a huge heart to serve the kingdom of God. He represents the Be Their Hope organization to the people of Honduras and is quickly becoming a light to the community. 

He works with local school directors to select the students who will receive the Scholarship Fund. He also helps to mentor the students to make sure they are staying on course and headed down a path to success.

He is also constantly on the look out for families who may be in need of food. With Food and Supplies funding, he is able to take a family to the local market and purchase much needed supplies.

Every time Devir works on behalf of BeTheir Hope he does so as an extention of everyone who has given to Be Their Hope. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to help others through your generous support.

You can support Devir by donating to him and his family below.