Sponsor A Student

Through Be Their Hope you can sponsor a student by paying for their school tuition.

Be Their Hope works with schools in Honduras to select a handful of students who have the grades to go to college but don’t have the finances. Once they complete the 6th grade school is no longer free, it is considered College at this point and many Honduran children will not continue with school. This makes it harder for them to earn an income and provide a good life for themselves and their families.

It is our goal to be able to provide a minimum of 5 Scholarships for promising 6th graders to continue their education. We don’t just provide finances, but our Honduran Be Their Hope Representative will be their counselor and mentor helping them go through the process of going to college successfully.



What the scholarship provides:

  • Tuition for three years (Degrees are completed in three years)
  • School Uniforms & Shoes (Five for each year)
  • Books & Supplies (Pens, Pencils, Notebooks, Backpack, etc.)
  • Food Stipend ($1 a day)
  • Honduran Be Their Hope Mentor (Guiding the students through the schooling process)




Student Expenses Per School Year:

cost may vary depending on the degree they choose to pursue

  • School Uniform: $100.00  (5 outfits with shoes)
  • Books & Supplies: $110.00
  • Monthly Food Stipend: $420.00 ($35.00 x 12m) 

Total Scholarship Fund: $630.00



Different ways that you can give: 
  • Full year scholarship $630.00
  • Half year scholarship $315.00
  • Monthly payments $55.00 for 12 or 6 months
One-time gift:
  • Give a monthly gift
  • Give a one-time gift


If you would like to receive updates on your student, you can now leave your email address and a note letting us know when you make a donation through PayPal. Or you can fill out the contact form on their page.