Be Their Hope is currently focused on serving the needs of the people in Trojes, Honduras, a rural community in southwest Honduras bordering Nicaragua. The needs are great and we are continually looking for opportunities to further reach the people with God’s love and provision.

Current Project

We are excited to announce our next BIG project! Be Their Hope is building an onsite office and missionary housing directly in Trojes, Honduras! With your help we can finish this new project in 2018 and get more feet on the ground to make a greater impact in our world!

For every dollar you give, we have an amazing supporter who is willing to match your dollar for dollar investment up to $12,000! We thank you in advance for investing into the people of Honduras and for being part of the mission God is doing through Be Their Hope!

You can now give through our Go Fund Me account. Click here to give.


How will my donation to this project benefit the people of Honduras?

Be Their Hope isn’t just about sending money to people in need. We believe the biggest part of God’s heart is in building relationship with others. To truly make a God sized impact we must make a heart connection with the people. When we send people on mission trips, we aren’t simply taking up space. We are connecting with the people in the community and growing their faith in God by teaching God’s word, demonstrating God’s word, and loving them.

Be Their Hope has an onsite Director who will live in the missionary home.  The Director has oversite of all visits and activities that happen throughout the year.

Is my donation tax deductible? 

Yes, we are a nonprofit and you will receive a donation letter if your mailing or email address is provided.


If you would like to donate to help build, you can do so by giving on our GO FUND ME or PayPal:


Previous Projects

In 2017 we built a home for a single mom:

With the support of our generous donors we were able to build a home for a single mom in 2016. We have finished the home but we are still paying for the home. If you would like to help cover the costs and support this single mother, you can do so below.



If you’re would like to know more about this single mom, you can read Daniela’s story.